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Add power and persuasion to your communication skills by defeating the Mages and restoring order to the Lands of Vocab! Learning advanced vocabulary has never been more entertaining and effective than with Vocabulary Quest. Flip through the slides below and see why our software is loved by both children and adults.

Prepare For Battle!

vocabulary builder, homeschool vocabulary

Select the order arrangement for your 1200 word quest. Then select how much time you want to be given for each question in battle.

vocabulary builder, homeschool vocabulary

Choose between a Female or Male character to complete your Quest.

vocabulary builder, homeschool vocabulary

Click on a word to hear the audio pronunciation and read usage examples in the Information Window. 

vocabulary builder, homeschool vocabulary

Play mini-games such as crossword puzzles, matching, multiple choice and flash cards to help study.

"Vocabulary Quest is an outstanding way for children and adults to acquire a vast number of advanced vocabulary words through entertaining game-based learning."

Tillywig Media Awards

"After years of letting vocabulary slide by, without much growth, I knew I needed something else and Vocabulary Quest was exactly what I was looking for."

Homeschool Hideout

"We’ve loved using Vocabulary Quest as a part of our homeschool line up. I really feel like it’s giving my son the tools he needs to have a rich vocabulary and that it’s done in the perfect, fun way that totally jives with our homeschool."

This Bit Of Life

"Students in fifth grade to adults can have fun playing this game. There are many different activities that a person can do within the game itself."

Sharing Life’s Moments

The Battle Begins!


Join Guilds For Special Powers And To Unlock New Gear!

Capture Monsters To Help Study Other Lists!

vocabulary builder, homeschool vocabulary

Study a variety of smaller theme based lists or study all 1200 advanced vocabulary words in different arrangements when you're not on your quest to defeat the Mages.

vocabulary builder, homeschool vocabulary

Capture summoned monsters by scoring 100% and place them in the Monster Vault.

vocabulary builder, homeschool vocabulary

In the Monster Vault you can select captured monsters and select completed levels to help study lists.

Homeschool students or adults wanting to expand their vocabulary would benefit greatly with the addition of Vocabulary Quest. Just 10 to 15 minutes a day helping Master Spellright restore the Lands of Vocab is all that is needed to start seeing significant improvement in advanced vocabulary. Download the free demo below to experience Vocabulary Quest today!

Click here for free Windows PC DEMO DOWNLOAD !

We have a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are having technical difficulties or unhappy with the software please contact us and we’ll gladly refund your money.

For your convenience Vocabulary Quest is available in both digital and physical formats.

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