Great Value!

Vocabulary Quest will enrich your child's advanced vocabulary through creative game-based educational software. They will be sent on a quest to master 1200 advanced vocabulary words that has been carefully selected for their practicality in everyday conversations. Only by truly learning these words can they help Master Spellright defeat the Mages and restore order to the Lands of Vocab!

Prepare For Battle!

Select the order arrangement for your 1200 word quest. Then select how much time you want to be given for each question in battle.

Choose between a Female or Male character to complete your Quest.

Click on a word to hear the audio pronunciation and read usage examples in the Information Window. 

Play mini-games such as crossword puzzles, matching, multiple choice and flash cards to help study.

The Battle Begins!


Join Guilds For Special Powers And To Unlock New Gear!

Capture Monsters To Help Study Other Lists!

Study a variety of smaller theme based lists or study all 1200 advanced vocabulary words in different arrangements when you're not on your quest to defeat the Mages.

Capture summoned monsters by scoring 100% and place them in the Monster Vault.

In the Monster Vault you can select captured monsters and select completed levels to help study lists.

A homeschool language arts curriculum would benefit greatly with the addition of Vocabulary Quest. Just 10 to 15 minutes a day helping Master Spellright restore the Lands of Vocab is all that is needed to start seeing significant improvement in advanced vocabulary. Download the free demo and see just how exciting and rewarding learning can truly be.

For your convenience Vocabulary Quest is available in both digital and physical formats.